Friday, May 11, 2012

Hey, It's Summer

I was too excited to find this modest dress at Salvation Army the other day for $3.50. It's a perfect summer dress, in my opinion

I know it isn't the end of the week yet, but I'm going to do an awful/awesome post today.

- Crying a lot in the school bathroom over something completely ridiculous.
-Walking to my car (after crying in the bathroom) in the freezing cold rain with no umbrella
- Getting into my car, crying hysterically, and then noticing that the car parked a space away from mine had a person in it who was staring at me.
- Realizing that one of my favorite teachers might not be teaching next semester. 
- Trying to get someone to cover my shift on Monday. Everyone denied me and I had to stay up very late to finish a final project and study for a test that I only ended up getting a C on 

- Ryan being so nice to me after I explained why I had been crying, and then agreeing to get Baskin Robins and rent The Muppets
- Summer is here :)
- Getting some pretty awesome deals at thrift stores
- Shopping for Mothers' Day
- Surprising Ryan with new socks
- Getting some music from Emilio. Now I've got 160 new songs to listen to this summer
- Ryan getting a summer job!
- Receiving an email from the school stating that my scholarship will NOT be expiring for the next two semesters. YES. 
- Planning a temple trip with my mom
- Running into an ex boyfriend and having it not be as awkward as I've always imagined it would be
- Beautiful weather today after three days of rain 
- We should be getting internet at the apartment within the next week!
- And this evening I will be taking a Disney themed engagement shoot 

Thankfully, the awesome outweighs the awful this week. Good thing too, because that whole crying ordeal was super embarrassing.  

Has anyone else's summer break started yet? Any cool plans?? 

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