Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 So yesterday's photo shoot evidently did not involve rainbow cupcakes. But that's ok, because this was a really fun time! I should be in more of my photos. Camera sharing and tripods are fun.

 There's this really great, open spot for photos right next to Laila and Amanda's apartment. Just go up a hill and voila, desert, Plus, they had a little, rusty playground at the complex. Awesome. 

 These were taken by Laila and edited by me:
 This is my new favorite umbrella. 

 Taken by Amanda:

 Last three taken by Laila, edited by me: 

I love this last shot. 

Sorry for the picture overload. 

It rained a ton just as we were wrapping up. We were watching the storm move to different parts of town the whole time we were up there, and pleaded with mother nature that she'd take just long enough to come our way. Thanks, lady! 

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  1. ooh super fun. Love the last one especially. Beautiful girls, and that sky is amazing. Umbrellas are so fun, I used to have a pink zebra one that was a prop used many a time, until Matt broke it.

    PS I never commented on your thrifted skirt below, it's adorable. I am so jealous you thrifted that. what the heck. I never have such good luck.


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