Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fort Houpt

Hey there! 
I felt a bit spontaneous last night and built this majesty.
Yup, that's our couch sitting on its side.

Awaiting for Ryan's arrival. 
Why don't I build blanket forts more often? And why are they still as exciting as when I was little? I hope I still feel this way when I have my own kidlets. Also, after building this, I felt inspired to have a blanket fort themed photo shoot. I hope people will be down for that.

Once Ryan came home from work we hung in the fort, watching Death Note, cuddling, and eating popcorn. It was a fun surprise. 
Ryan's shirt^
Toothbrush: "Sometimes, I think I have the hardest job!"
Toilet paper: "Are you sure?"

Tomorrow we go to Wet and Wild! It's a water park just on the outskirts of El Paso. I hear it's kinda ghetto, but Ryan really wants to go. It will be fun. I'm not sure if I'll be able to take any photos, seeing as I have no idea where I'll be able to put my camera while we're on the rides. We'll see. 

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