Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So I'm a little lazy. Maybe a lot... This summer will be known as the laziest summer. 
Hulu Plus is the death of me. 
Currently re-watching the second season of Glee...
when I should be cleaning every room of this apartment. 

The laziness will continue tonight after work, as the Harry Potter movie marathon ensues.
My sister and I were only able to watch the first one last night :( Right at the part where Harry's in the restricted section of the library with his invisibility cloak, the power went out. There was a thunder and lightning storm a-brewing. We then decided to go out for food (no power = no stove) and were gone for a good two hours... precious time that could have been spent watching more of our beloved Harry. 
The earliest we can continue our Potter-fest will be at 6pm. Each movie is around 2 hours or longer? Will we be able to finish the remaining 6 movies by tomorrow night?? We sure will try. 

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