Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 30

My favorite song this time last year: West Coast- Coconut Records 
Such a good one.  
Thus ends the 30 Day Song Challenge. 

Yesterdaywise: No photo shoot. One of the models was still out of town. No real Independence Day celebrations either. But it actually turned out alright being on my own. With a decent view of the fireworks show from our "backyard" I was quite content. Fireworks simply amaze me. 


  1. oh bummer. but I'm glad you were content on your own, I wish I were more so. I think I get too freaked out at our apt alone.

    oh and to get back to you, I think the singles that wanted me out were kind of bitter, it was mostly the older ones that would say stuff to me. Oh the nerve. Or maybe I was taking up space. hah.


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