Monday, August 12, 2013

Some cute stuff for your Monday

A collection of cute things that I've recently found on the internet:
If you don't think that Bee and Puppycat is super cute and funny/weird then get outta ma face! (no sorry jk plz don't leave) 
Nearly all this stuff came from my tumblr account. 
If you've got a tumblr, let's be tum-buds! 

Disney characters as college students. I picked my favorite ones here, but you can see all of them if you follow this link!  

And to finish up, please watch this super cute video of my favorite Korean actor/pop star. 
Monday ain't so bad! 
p.s. If these things didn't make you smile then you need to rethink your life. 


  1. the Disney characters in college is so cute. Snow White is adorable :) Sometimes, I swear your Asian!

    1. haha! I'll take that as a compliment!! I do enjoy Asian culture :) And food.

  2. I love the "if these didn't make you smile then you need to rethink your life" haha so true. so many cute ones but of course the great catsby might top mine. and i like the couple kissing behind the flower, i've been meaning to do a cutie photoshoot w/ the hubs for our anniversary soon so maybe it'll be a good excuse. And thank YOU for all your sweet comments also : ). and to answer your question, my hubs graduates in Dec actually so i could not tell you. is your husband studying computer science through an engineering school or biz? mine's through biz so that is his focus. but for either one i think there are tons of job opportunities fortunately and usually i hear to look on your school's job site where companies may post looking to recruit specifically from that school and then of course LinkedIn and other job boards. if his school has a career coach for free (ours does) then def reach out to them, they have been huge helps to both of us w/ polishing off resumes and just getting ideas on where to get started.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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