Friday, August 16, 2013

Snow Cone

I was at the park this evening taking photos when this man approached me to tell me about the opening of his new business. He asked if I was a professional photographer in which I replied "Yeah, kinda!(?)" He said that he was a photo journalist in Mexico when he was younger and that he loved it. I saw his little trailer and thought it would make a great photo. He was excited to let me photograph him. He gave me a free snow cone afterward! I chose lavender since I've never had that flavor and it was pretty good! Other unlikely flavors that he offered: tequila, rum, mojito, and tamarind. He swore that the liquor flavors didn't have any alcohol, but I declined.

I love that it's sometimes easier to meet people if you've got a camera around your neck.


  1. i love this post! snowcones are my favorite, and your's looks so yummy with the cherry and all! i want to go to this little stand!

    lindsey louise

  2. How neat! I love his cute little trailer. Snow cones and corn? Sounds awesome! I love street corn. So the lavender was good? I always like to try the weird flavors haha I tried cucumber the other day and it was SO good. They also had avocado but I was a bit too scared to try that lol

  3. aw this is so cool, Beverly! What a fun memory :)
    These are great photos!

  4. That's such an adorable story! Beautiful pictures too :) xx

  5. Hooray for free raspados! Great pictures!


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