Thursday, August 1, 2013

H&M 50 States of Fashion

I am very excited to announce my involvement in the opening of H&M's online store in the U.S. as the H&M Style Ambassador of New Mexico! As of today, you can now order their clothing online! This is pretty huge for me, since there are currently no H&M stores in New Mexico. Head on over to to start shopping without having to step foot in the store. 

But wait, there's more!
You can enter the 50 States of Fashion contest for a chance to win a $250 H&M gift card or the grand prize of a trip to NYC during fashion week and a shopping spree of $1,000 to H&M! 

To enter this contest:

1. Simply upload a photo of yourself in your favorite H&M outfit to Instagram and use the hashtag #HMShopOnlineXX - "XX" is the abbreviation for your state. For example, I would use #HMShopOnlineNM. Get it? 

2. Visit hm50statesoffashion.combrowse the gallery of entries, and “like” your favorite looks. Make sure to sign up for fashion news to receive a special online discount from H&M. 

For more details on how to enter, please visit 
August 21st is the last day to enter!

H&M sent me this dress and I really like the floral fabric beneath the sheer black fabric. I also enjoy the textured, dot pattern. I styled this dress with a colorful tee underneath as well as a black skirt underneath too, for reasons mentioned in this blog post.  Here's what the dress looks like without all the layers ;)
Get it here! : Chiffon Dress 

Good luck! 


  1. You are so freakin' adorable! Congrats on the new gig.

  2. Ohhh fancy dress...great idea on the layering!

  3. Love the dress!

  4. so cute! and congrats!
    and to answer your questions, no, i contacted them. i hate when bloggers have like, stupid companies send them things that aren't even cool and they pretend to like it ha ha ha.
    so anything you see from anyone on my blog is because i contacted them! well, and also because my blog isn't big enough for people to contact me lol

  5. how exciting! and awesome! what a great dress! the neckline seems kinda that you wore something colorful underneath it.

  6. That is so exciting! Love the floral with the polkadot.

  7. Congratulations Beverly! What an exciting opportunity :) :)
    You look as beautiful as ever, my dear!

  8. I LOVE the way you styled this. and congrats again on being the ambassador- and yes, online is SO SO SO SO GOOD! Hooray

  9. h&m opened up their first store in AZ a few years ago but it was so far i never went. always a good and bad thing because it's cheap but then you run into all the troubles w/ fast fashion, being ethically made, and allowing people to make a living wage from it. but then of course it's always so darn cute and tough to resist being on a tight budget. oh, and on i meant to put on your post, my hubs is a CIS major too : ). although i didnt study anything nearly as interesting as you.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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