Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spectacles and Polkadots

Today had its ups and downs. 
Ryan woke up before me to go to a meeting for work and decided to take my truck. But it wouldn't start. The battery died. We had to spend a lot for a new battery :( But at least it's running now. I can't say the same about Ryan's car... Yup, both of our cars crapped out at the same time. He's been trying to avoid driving it because there's a leak and it just sounds awful whenever he drives it. Ryan's dad has like a sixth sense about these things. He called out of the blue today and asked Ryan if he was getting good gas mileage. This man might be psychic? Anyway, he said he'd give it a look, and now we can only hope that our car will survive another few years. 

Some good news: I found The Great Gatsby

We made an account at our local used bookstore. I traded in six books and was able to get this book plus the first two Harry Potters for $0.64! Hot dog! 

After that we went to a Coinstar and redeemed $12, in which we spent on a dinner date. 

And then we came home to file for FAFSA. This is when I got cranky. I kept complaining about how it kept logging me out "due to inactivity." But it seemed like it would log out every two minutes! And then I was having trouble finding our tax stuff, and I kept snapping at Ryan. He then told me, "You shouldn't be complaining so much about a website that's going to give you a ton of money for school." Then I got more mad because I knew he was right. I was being such a derp. I complain about a lot of stuff that I should be grateful for, like my job or classes that are tough. I'm lucky to have a job and I'm lucky to have the opportunity to go to school. It's hard to remember to be more grateful. 
dress/shirt & necklace: Forever 21, bag&belt: thrifted, capris: Old Navy, flats: Target

I'm glad that I have a husband who puts things into better perspective. 


  1. My goodness, such a cute outfit! I love that beige color paired with the mint!

  2. your littel necklace is too cute :)
    really like it!! maybe u wanna follow each other

  3. Ok I LOVE this outfit! So cute with the belt and spec necklace!! That sucks about your cars..I hate them sometimes they're so expensive and so many things can go wrong. Haha. Oh and ya parade of homes IS pretty much for people/designers to show off their homes. Its fun to see other people's homes though. And yes, someday we'll have our own! :)


  4. Heyy! Love your bag! Been trying to find a similar one!
    hahhaha (:



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