Monday, June 18, 2012

An ICEE Kind of Day

What a scorcher. It is literally 100 degrees outside, and it will continue to be 100 all week. 

I didn't do too much today.
1. Signed up for a gym membership. Crazy, huh?? 
2. Went with Ryan to get his car looked at, and it looks like we might need to look for another car
3. Picked up laundry from parents' house
4. Cooled off with some frozen corn syrup 
My life is glamorous. 

skirt & belt: thrifted, Hellogoodbye shirt: Warped Tour(?), shoes: Payless

I didn't do too much thinking when I put this outfit together, and that's why I like it. 

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  1. ok, as you can probably tell. I'm catching up on your blog.

    I love this one. I know, I've said that about every thing so far, but I am taking each post one by one, and each one is a pleasant surprise. This one made me gasp. I really can't get over the hot pink with the pale blue. It's just too perfect. I always feel like a punk rocker wearing hot pink with my black hair, but this changes my mind about that... a light blue skirt I must find!


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