Thursday, June 7, 2012


Our trip to Santa Fe did not go as planned. 
We already arrived in Santa Fe when we discovered that the concert was cancelled. We had already done some sight-seeing before heading over to the park where the concert would have been. It was almost 5:00pm and we were all a little tired (and maybe a little cranky) from walking around in the afternoon heat, so a concert by a fun (pun not intended) band would have been an excellent cure. You can imagine our disappointment (Mine and Holly's, at least. Our men aren't super fans like us.) when we were given this news. It was the whole point of the trip, ya know? I tried really hard to be positive about the situation, and it worked... but only until we reached Holly's parents' house (in which we were spending the night). I kept thinking to myself, "I could be watching Fun perform right now! I could be dancing and singing along!" I then allowed myself to feel sorry for myself. 

I should have been feeling sorry for the band too, I guess, with the lead singer being terribly sick and all. It was just really hard to swallow when it's a free show and the band cancels. It's the easiest to cancel free shows. Seemed a little suspicious. Jokes went around that he was probably hung over. We are terrible people with little faith/trust. (Haha) But fo' realz, I know he was legit sick. Regardless, it was pretty tough to get out of that "disappointment funk." 

We still had our own fun (pun intended), but we avoided listening to the band for the rest of the trip. It only reminded us of the whole situation. 

More about Santa Fe later, this post is already long enough! 

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  1. ah BOOO! thats a bummer. Cancelled concerts are the worst. especially if it's an amazing band like FUN! ah! I am so angry/sad for you now :(


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