Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Weekend to You

Tonight is a night that I spend all alone. Ryan is on a camping trip for church with some tween kids. I went thrifting earlier (and what a magical trip it was), but now I sit, blogging, eating Taco Bell, and watching iCarly. Don't judge. 

dress: Down East Basics, belt: thrifted, shoes: Target, headband: Icing's 

Has anyone else noticed that in iCarly, Freddie wears these honkin' tall shoes to make him seem a little taller? They're like the ugliest shoes too. That's probably how I noticed, because they are not appealing. Has anyone else noticed that? No? Just... me...? 
I'm not sure if I'll ever grow up. 

1 comment:

  1. I think these are currently my two favorite colors together. great combo :)

    Sounds like a great night to me! Thrifting, taco bell, icarly. Well actually I've never seen icarly... but maybe I'll check it out.


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