Sunday, June 3, 2012


So many awful things, so any awesome things this past week.
Let's begin.

- Not being able to find some decent roller blades in my size for work.
- This week seemed like the longest.
- Going to get an oil change and finding out that Ryan's car has a leak. We haven't had it looked at yet...
- Not being able to find The Great Gatsby at the library
- Eating at a Chinese restaurant and being very dissatisfied with my meal, so we went out for frozen custard and I got full from that instead... Oh wait, maybe that's awesome.
- Realizing that I really need to stick to a budget
- It's been real smoggy 'round these parts. Apparently some mountains were on fire :|

- I've reached 40 followers! Thanks guys :)
- Finding a pair of running shoes that fit! All I had to do was look in the little boys' section at Big 5.
- Planning a trip to Santa Fe to see fun. live... for freeeeeee
- Getting a new library card with my married name on it (I lost my old one...)
- Bearing my testimony in church today about remembering to be thankful and humble. I've got work to do, but by bearing my testimony about the subject, I am determined to do better
- Reading this blog post. Once again, the thankful thing
- Being in love (cheeeeeeesy)

skirt: Old Navy, belt & polkadot thing(?): thrifted, shoes: Kmart, necklace: a friend made it

(I was breaking off a twig, kay?)


  1. I love Santa Fe! Also, there's a website called thriftbooks and they sell books for way cheap. I got my copy for like a dollar.
    Anyways, good luck!!

  2. Love that skirt! It's so fun. Oh, and speaking of FUN. That's exciting! I went to a concert of theirs earlier this year. Nate is awesome live.


  3. DUUUUDE BEVERLY! I NEED NEED NEED this skirt! It's gorgeous! I'm inspired! Must find it!

    Janette the Jongleur

  4. Beverly!
    I saw FUN live in 2007 when they were first starting out too :) can't believe they played the first single for you though! So jealous. I did see the format live once but it was just before I discovered them (they were opening for another band) so sadly I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I would have later on..


  5. Lovely skirt...great colors!


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