Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flower, Bee, and Bug Catcher

This has been my favorite Halloween costume of all time. It was simple and fun to make my flower costume. I feel like that's the secret to a good costume- keep it simple. Less is more. All the awards go to my sister-in-law for knitting up Gwen's bee costume. 
There was a Halloween party at Ryan's work and each team had to come up with a theme to decorate their cubicles. They chose Pokemon! Everyone joked that Gwen was Ryan's Beedrill.
Some of Ryan's coworkers.
I couldn't not include this last photo. 
Motherhood, am I right? 


  1. cutest costumes! i can't believe your sis-in-law KNITTED THAT. like, how on earth are people so talented!

  2. most adorable family costume ever! you guys look great!!

  3. Well that is just the cutest bee I have ever seen!! <3

  4. So cute! Love how the baby bee is asleep most of the time :-)


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