Wednesday, November 12, 2014

eShakti Dress Review

So it's been a while since I've done a non-maternity outfit post. I'm out of practice! Luckily, I had a little help with these photos thanks to Ashley, who, by the way, is lookin' good as a pregnant gal.  
eShakti sent me this dress and I couldn't be more happy about it. Since Gwen was born I have had to rethink my wardrobe to accommodate breast feeding. I realized that I had to say goodbye to my dresses that didn't button-up in the front, and to all my other clothes that no longer fit my new bust and waist size. As you can guess, eShakti is the perfect store for my postpartum bod- I plugged in all my specific measurements, and voila! I didn't end up with that awkward button gap/opening in between my boobs. You know what I'm talking about, busty girls. I also customized the sleeves from quarter-length to short sleeves because I figured that it would make this dress suitable for summer and winter, with some layering. I was also impressed that they asked for the measurement around my upper-arm. Thank you! My arms are kind of thick and I've had trouble with too-tight sleeves in the past. It felt good to know that these sleeves wouldn't be an issue.

My only wish is that the buttons of this dress went all the way down to the hem of the dress- I don't want the dress to open at the bottom above the hemline. I suppose I can close the bottom with a safety pin or two if it ends up bothering me too much. Despite that, this is a perfectly suitable new mom approved dress. I'm excited to style it different ways this fall/winter! 
All photos by Betty Photography. 


  1. You looks so darling! I love the dress. I love how they customize it according to your needs.


  2. Love the color on you! The dress looks great!


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