Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Two Months

A few days late, but here she is at 2 months. 
I was dying to buy one of these slouchy beanies that my friend Tara makes, and our upcoming trip to Utah this Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect excuse to buy a warm and cuddly beanie for Gwen. She doesn't have much use for it here in Arizona, but she looks so cute in it. I love that Tara designed the hat with a permanently, perfect slouch, so that this baby won't end up with a weird cone head. Want one for your li'l babe or for yourself? Get it here.  She just added a bunch of new fabric, so lots of options for you to choose from :) I'm thinking of maybe getting a striped one for myself....
On to Gwen: She's starting to "talk" and she's smiling a lot more(!!!). We just think it's the best. 


  1. Oh she looks so much like both of you! :) this is too sweet

  2. she is so pretty! also that beanie is amazing.


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