Sunday, March 25, 2012

Korean Drama and The Hunger Games

During the break I was able to re-watch some of my favorite Korean drama, Playful Kiss. A lot of people may hate this one because they find the main character to be annoying, but whatever, yo. Besides that, they've got a pretty cute wardrobe on this here show. I took a few screenshots. They're a little blurry. Ah, I just swoon over the clothes. 

So yes. Everyone and their mom was at the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games in my smallish city. It was exciting. I really enjoyed the movie and I must say that I need to see it again in theaters to reanalyze every scene. I was really disappointing with the "bread scene." Hello? How hard would it have been to get a couple of kids to play little Katniss and little Peeta? The way the scene was portrayed makes it seem like, "Oh, I remember throwing that bread to you... because it was yesterday." 

I was very impressed with that Josh guy that plays Peeta. I never thought that he'd do a bad job, it's just that I personally cannot find him attractive, him being the Zathura kid and all. But being attractive isn't what it's really about, right? Haha. Right. And Jennifer Lawrence is exactly what a Katniss should be. Very serious. And BA. And tall. I like that she's tall. 

Like I said, I've gotta go see it again. 


  1. I loved the movie too! I thought the actors were just perfect!

  2. Fun post! I watched the first episode and I like it. It's cute and funny. How did you hear about this and is there any other shows you recommend? thanks!

    1. haha...thanks for taking the time to answer! I actually like the main girl...I think she's funny


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