Monday, September 12, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: (Family) Date Night

I'm back at 'cha with another Mommy Style Monday! I've missed the last couple, I think, due to sickness and travel. But I'm back and excited to share some more style posts. 

The prompt this week was "date night." Yo, Ryan and I are kind of bad at planning dates. I often like to do things last minute, but you can't usually find a babysitter last minute.... so.... we end up hardly ever going out childless. We need to be better! Maybe that could be a New Year's resolution of mine. Starting ASAP. 

Before going out, I asked Ryan what he'd like me to wear when we go on a date and he said "That, I guess." I was wearing this striped dress after I got out of the shower because it was clean and comfortable, but I wanted to see what kind of outfit Ryan would come up with. He also said I shouldn't wear make-up, haha! I had already put on some make-up, so it was too late for that.

I've been meaning to try this smoothie place, Genuine Fresche, for a while now, and a date night blog post was the perfect excuse to go! Gwen and I got the Peanut Butter smoothie bowl and Ryan got the Extreme Green smoothie. It was delicious! I ordered a medium but next time I'm definitely ordering a small- it was very sweet! Ryan's smoothie wasn't nearly as sweet- it was kind of earthy but delicious. Gwen was a bigger fan of the green smoothie than the bowl. 

Here I am, wearing another striped maternity dress from Target. If you're pregnant, go buy this dress. They have the same one in black with white stripes, but I can't justify buying it! I feel like I wear this one enough to justify buying the black one. If it goes on sale, I'll probably cave. 

My mom gave me this bag last week and I was all heart eyes over it. I know I'm late to the party, but I am loving tribal type prints. I've been swooning over Nena & Co bags, so when my mom pulled this out for me, I was like, "How did you read my mind??" It's definitely not a high quality bag and I still want a Nena & Co bag (or one that's similar quality) someday, but it's still cute and I'll probably use it until it's all gross and falling apart. 

After we had our smoothies we went to Walmart for groceries. What a romantic evening. 

p.s. I had brought my DSLR camera to take these photos, but I forgot to put my memory card back in it! It was super annoying, but I'm thankful for decent phone cameras. These were taken with Ryan's Android phone. Not too bad, right?

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  1. Target seriously has the cutest maternity clothes. Like, I walked past their maternity section today and thought, "Maybe I should get pregnant right now so I have an excuse to buy these". Haha! You're adorable!

  2. Ha! There's pretty cute stuff, but a lot of the things I like are long sleeved! And it's still too hot for that.

  3. Target for the win! I'm obsessed with their maternity clothes!!! Hands down the best for dresses!!!

  4. Oh my heck, you are the cutest! I love this. And that place looks like a dream! I have always wanted to try and acai bowl!

  5. I love this striped dress on you! So perfect for a casual date night.

  6. I would have never guessed these were phone pics! They are so precious!

  7. That's pretty much Ronnie and I when it comes to date nights too! We really need to plan better. Cute outfit! I say definitely buy the one in black especially if you wear it a lot. Sometimes I just need someone to tell me to buy it haha. And I love your account of what Ryan said because I can picture him saying it haha.


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