Thursday, September 29, 2016

DIY Autumn Wreath

We're still waiting around for fall weather here in Phoenix, so in the meantime while we're watching everyone else through social media living in an autumn wonderland, we've just got to make our own. Autumn leaves are scarce in Phoenix, but that's to be expected with all of our cacti, palm trees, and palo verde trees. When I had the idea to make an autumnal wreath my first thought was to buy fake flowers/foliage to adorn it. Upon further thought I decided against it because I think synthetic fall foliage just looks so out of place here, you know? These felt leaves I made are a happy medium. 

A few things I didn't mention in the video:

- I made these felt leaves from stencils I made myself, but I'm sure you could probably find ready made felt leaves at a craft store.

- You can make the leaf stencils from cardboard or card stock, too.

- The straw wreath can be found in the fake flower section. 

- When wrapping the yarn around the hoop wreath, don't worry too much about any little gaps where you can see the straw underneath. You can go back after the first layer of yarn and wrap it a couple more times to cover up any gaps. 

- You can use any color yarn or felt! Red, orange, yellow, brown, and green are all good fall colors. 

- Notice my wardrobe change in the video? That's because it took a couple of days to film this! I started too late on the first day and ended up losing daylight, haha. 

- Recording your voice for a video is annoying and cringeworthy. Next time I need to write myself a script, honestly. 

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