Wednesday, September 14, 2016


We went to Minnesota a couple of weeks ago! My sister-in-law had herself a baby, so we had to see the fresh, new family. If you've ever gone to visit a family with a newborn, you'll know that most of your time is spent staring at the new baby, relaxing with the family, and helping out in any way that is needed. We did a lot of this but we also got out a few times, too, which was nice because us Arizona dwellers were finally able to enjoy the outdoors without melting our faces off. What a concept! 

I brought my DSLR on this trip but you'd hardly know it because these are the only two photos to show for it. Fail. I did a good job at taking photos with my phone and Instax camera, though! You can see more photos on my IG feed!  

What we did:

-We went to the Minnesota state fair and ate all the food! It was a lot of walking so my sister-in-law and I were pretty worn out the next day, her being postpartum and I being 23 weeks pregnant. 

-We watched Stranger Things! The second time for Ryan and I, but it was fun watching it with people that are new to the show. 

-We went on a couple of walks and it wasn't that humid. 

-We went to the Children's Museum which was fun for Gwen, but I personally like the one we have in Mesa, better. 

-We went to visit this cute little zoo! It was free admittance! I'm a little sad that we arrived 30 minutes before they closed because Gwen was really enjoying herself. I did manage to make a short video of our zoo visit. When we come back to visit, I'll make sure we hit up this place again. 

Almost forgot to mention! Our niece's newborn photos are just gorgeous! Looking at them just makes me feel warm and happy! See for yourself.  

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  1. Aww! Gwen looks like she was so enthralled by the zoo! She seems so much older than last time I saw her! Glad you guys had a good time on your trip!!!


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