Monday, August 17, 2015

Mom Clothes 01

There's not much to say about this outfit, except that it's super easy, comfortable, and simple. As a Mormon gal, it's hard to come by dresses that are "modest." Sooooo whenever I see one like this in a store (that doesn't require an annoying layering tee or cardigan or slip extender) I make sure to snatch it up. 

dress, shoes, sunglasses- Target
diaper bag- Skip + Hop
necklace- Threads (The Shine Project) 

All photos taken by the fantastic Lydia Johnston of Photography Hill!  


  1. I totally dress like this... and I am not even a mom haha. I swear every time I see something that is modest, even if it isn't that cute, i buy it anyway because in my mind I am like "What if I can never find anything modest ever again!" which is completely irrational i realize.

  2. I love that these are called "mom clothes" hahahahaha


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