Saturday, August 1, 2015

July in Photos

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed my recent use of the "our project 180" hashtag- #ourproject180. My friends and I have started a photo-a-day project, not unlike the 365 project. Except we started ours in the middle of the year. It has been so fun! I love finding things to photograph each day and I'm proud of myself for not missing a day all month. For August I'm going to challenge myself to take less "hand" pictures (you know the ones! Crisp white backdrop with only my hand holding an object). While I enjoy that aesthetic, sometimes it's just the lazy easy way out. Seeing all these photos in a grid makes me excited to make a book of all the photos together once I've finished in December. 


  1. I've been loving it too!!! Yay!! We are so awesome :)

  2. That would be so awesome to see them all printed out together at the end! I've been wondering what that hashtag was, but I figured it would explain itself later... Like right now! Haha


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