Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gwen Walks

I filmed this video on Sunday after Ryan helped me with outfit photos. I'm hoping that she'll be running around in time for her birthday party! 

The other day, Ryan and I were scrolling through old photos of Gwen on our phones and laptop, and Ryan realized that he only took about two videos of Gwen before she hit 6 months. This made us both sad because we like to remember how much smaller and fragile she used to be. It reminded me that I should be taking more videos of Gwen, especially with my camera (instead of my iPhone). 
After participating in the "flog" challenge I have fallen in love with making videos. It's such a neat way to document my/my family's life. So expect to see more where this came from :) 


  1. Love love LOVE this!!! So cute!!

  2. So cute! Special milestone. What a fun video.

  3. I feel the same way after Flog hahaha. I want to keep doing them monthly!

  4. OMGGG! How is it possible that she's already walking?! She's such a pro. Maybe her and Ceci can do some marathon training when you coming into town...


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