Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Santa Fe and other stuff

We took a trip up north to visit with Ryan's sister and family. I had a dinner that would have made Ben Wyatt proud. So delicious. And my sister-in-law and I had dessert at a cute froyo place. 
We took the train to Santa Fe the next morning. It was my first train ride! 
Indoor farmer's market.

We went to this pretty hip park. 
After the park, we hit up a Mexican restaurant for lunch. The place had a few signs warning the customers that they serve their chile HOT. We asked for a sample, just to be safe, and found that it wasn't nearly as spicy as the sign warned. It was pretty mild. Ha! Oh, Santa Fe. 
We walked to the plaza and did some shopping. I bought that little hat and this awesome stuffed lion for the baby. Baby shopping is too fun... 
Our last stop was at this Swedish cafe/bakery. These treats were pretty good, but they didn't compare to the chocolate drizzled croissant I bought at the farmer's market earlier that day. I've probably thought about it at least once a day since then. 

I had lunch with some friends on Monday. Doesn't Emilio have the most friendly face? 
Baby Ceci!  Anne spoiled me with a ton of clothes that Ceci outgrew. Score. 
A photo of our apartment from yesterday. Ew ew ew, I hate moving so much. 

The next time I post here, we'll be in Arizona. Ryan informed me that we'll have internet access by Tuesday, a lot sooner than I thought! I should be packing more stuff right now, but I have a toothache, so I'm using that as a lame excuse to blog.... 
We're having dinner with friends tonight! I might post a few photos on Instagram.  


  1. that calzone type thing looks delicious. what is it? also i feel it's important to note your skin is perfect. it's like literally flawless, so be happy about that. Score on baby clothes!! That hat and little giraffe are seriously too cute. Yay! Good luck moving! Wish I could help!
    the little diary

  2. great pictures. looks like you've had an amazing time! and those sweets from the swedish bakery look heavenly!! yum.


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