Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bumpdate: 28 weeks


How far along are you? 28 weeks  
Maternity Clothes? Maternity t-shirts/over-sized shirts and maxi skirts are my favorite right now. I've also discovered that I've only got a couple of church appropriate shoes that still fit. 
Stretch Marks? They seem to be everywhere but my belly. 
Sleep: I suffered through only a couple of "toss and turn" nights this week. So not too shabby. 
Best moments: Meeting a few other pregnant gals in my ward during a Relief Society activity where we talked about breastfeeding. I know, that sounds really weird, but a sister from the ward is a lactation consultant, so she offered to share her wisdom. It was sooo informative and I learned a lot. I also found out that the hospital that's 30 seconds from my house has a really bad reputation. So I guess I won't be giving birth there! Also- finding a couple of stuffed animals in great condition at the thrift store. One of them is Lamb Chop! Ha. It's funny that these are the things that excite me nowadays. 
Missing anything? Sushi and sleeping on my belly. Even when I see photographs of people posed on their belly or I'm  watching a TV show and one of the characters is on their belly, I get jealous, haha. 
Movement? She's practically dancing in there. 
Food Cravings: Everything. 
Symptoms: Crazy dreams. I should write them down. I read that the reason pregnant women have weird dreams is because we usually wake up a few times a night, so we're able to recall the dreams we awoke from. Get it? Dreams are usually weird, and it's easier to remember a dream when you wake up in the middle of it. 
Belly Button in or Out? It has popped out just a little. 
Happy or Moody? Moody. But I'm feeling pretty good today. 
Looking Forward to: Taking the trip to New Mexico for my baby shower this coming weekend!! And taking maternity photos with my sister while we're there too. We're thinking of taking them at my all time favorite location for photographs- White Sands National Park. 


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  1. As your belly grows, it seems you get more and more beautiful. You are glowing my dear :)


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