Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Emotions

from Hailey Haugen Devine on Vimeo.

I watched this video yesterday and it made me excited for what is to come. It also made me cry. For the record, it would have made me cry pre-pregnancy as well. I'm a huge cry baby, so I can't distinguish between crying and "stereotypical crazy pregnancy hormone" crying. 

So here's an update, I guess:
I can't see a doctor until Ryan gets the health insurance stuff figured out with his job, so maybe by next week I can make an appointment. I went to the library yesterday hoping to get a library card but I need proof of residency and we haven't gotten our electric bill or new driver's licenses yet. But I walked around the library and it's pretty cool. Also, and this is unrelated, but I've noticed that people don't hit on me since I've become obviously pregnant. Which is soooo nice. 

I've set a date for my baby shower! We'll be having it in Las Cruces on July 5th, so don't worry my friends, you can come. You can come if you're not out of town.... *fingers crossed*

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  1. Oh it was not a good idea to watch this at work. I am quietly crying behind my computer screen.

    This was so beautiful! I am so excited for you and Ryan. Not long to go now :)


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