Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's Up

Please disregard my last post! See, I thought that I had the opportunity to have my BFA show this semester and receive my diploma after taking summer school, but I need 9 credits to graduate and summer school is expensive (like duh). Plus, there are very few art summer classes, and I would have had to take dumb online classes that have nothing to do with my major, so that would have been all around lame. I'm better off graduating in the fall as originally planned. But heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy, just ONE MORE SEMESTER!

Some fun news is that I will still be participating in an art show this semester. A non-BFA show. My photo classmates and I are putting it together and it's pretty exciting :) It'll be practice for next semester.

In other news, as you may have noticed, I've been neglecting this blog. I miss posting outfits here, but there are more important school related things happening. In a way, I'm enjoying this break from blogging. I feel a little guilty sometimes for not blogging, like I'm procrastinating.... But then I figure that I have the rest of my life to bliggity-blog, but I only have ONE "spring 2013" semester. Ya know?  So I'm not apologizing. Plus, not very many exciting things are happening to be blogged about. So there you go. I prefer quality over quantity when it come to blog posts.

In other, other news~
I'm freaking out about a few things. Namely money.
I need to find a job for the summer. I've been thinking of waitressing? Only because it's similar to my last job at Sonic. I'd rather just take a bunch of photos and get paid that way, but my photo biz situation is looking a little grim. I've gotta offer discounts soon (even though I think I'm super duper cheap anyway, people around here still don't wanna pay it.... *frustrating*). Does anyone have any photo business advice?? I could really use some! :) Or does anyone have job suggestions? What was your favorite part time job?
Comments are very much appreciated.


  1. i have a photo biz, i guess...i freelance. currently, i make most of my money by working for other photographers. i second shoot weddings, edit school photos, and do some consulting. i have a group of about 5 different photographers who i work for regularly, in different capacities. here's a list of what i do for other photographers: maybe something on there will give you an idea of something you are capable of doing! i found one good photographer on craigslist and then a few others came through him. i also had someone contact me from an ad i posted on craigslist.

    one thing that i can say is good do to about pricing is to RAISE it. i don't know your area or what you are charging, but when i made my prices higher, i got fewer (but better!) clients. people take me way more seriously now. and i've sort of gotten to the point where if someone is trying to get me to work for $50, instead of me thinking "i could sure use $50," i think, "what a cheapskate, this person is going to be a big pain to photograph." a lot of my low-paying clients have been the biggest pains--emailing me for months after the 30 minute shoot to ask if i have any more images or if i can give them a certain image in black and white. it is probably because i also work very regularly (like 3 days a week) for one photographer so i'm not hurting for money, but i feel like my time and energy would not be well spent on working with someone who is trying to haggle me down a crazy amount. so if you end up working part time and do photography in addition to that, be more selective about your clients. you are worth more than a couple of bucks, no matter what anyone tries to tell you. but at the same time, doing work for free can be good, too. a lot of my most rewarding and favorite photos i've made were for trade and not for pay. it's so hard to know what to take on for free/less money than you want and what to say no to, sometimes.

    that was long, sorry! i hope something in there helps you. feel free to email me( if you want to ask any questions/talk more. i've been doing this since before i graduated, so i understand the issues you have!

  2. Ugh I hate worrying about money! Hopefully you can find a good job. I work at a bank and it's the best job I've ever had I love it. I started out part-time with no experience other than handling money as a retail cashier. So maybe look at banks/credit unions near by?
    Anyway, you shouldn't have to apologize for not blogging, sometimes life is more important! And I guess another semester doesn't hurt right? You're getting there! Can't wait to see the projects you're working on.

  3. ugh, i hate looking for jobs! it's the worst. but i'm sure you'll find something :) oh, and i did the ombre in my hair. that's why it looks a little different!

  4. i totally need a job for the summer too...not looking forward to job hunting haha. but hey congrats on just one more semster!! and your top is really cute!


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