Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Friend-zy

The day in which an old man in a van offered to sell us some candy. 
I'm not even joking you guys. 

skirt, shoes, necklace: thrifted, shirt: modcloth 
As we were walking about Anne's neighborhood, we came across a couple of these signs. I'm not sure if they were put there by the city? But I'm hoping that it was someone's personal project and that they didn't ask for permission to do so. I signed it with "Before I die I want to have my photography published in a magazine." 


  1. Oh gosh, that chalkboard wall "Before I die"... brilliant! Such a fun place to take pictures!
    xo TJ

  2. That creepy old man in a van sounds sketch! Lol, wow. Loving your fun peplum polka dot top and this cute location. That sign is so fun! I wonder who put it there?

  3. wherever you are looks really cool. and so are your outfits! and wow, i hope you ran really fast away from the candy peddler.

  4. Hahah I cannot believe you got stranger-dangered! How creepy. And the two of you are adorable, such a stylish pair :) And that sign is so cool- I'd love to come across something like that. It's so cool to see those anonymous wishes!

    xo Marlen
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  5. What cool signs! And that old man sounds crazy! I've always heard parents warn their kids about that, but i didn't realize people *actually* did that! I mean, drugs - yes. Driving around in vans offering it as "candy" - no! Lol!

    You look gorgous, by the way! And I love Anne's skirt! <3

  6. You guys are too cute!

  7. You girls are too cute! Love your peplum top!

  8. I'm lovin' on your polka dots, particularly the last picture! So cute! And the sign? I saw it on Pinterest and I kind of want one like in my front yard:)

  9. Great outfits! Here's a TED talk about the "Before I Die" community projects:


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