Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I'm sure this isn't news to you, but Google Reader is disappearing come summer. Crazy, right? So if you'd like to still follow along, follow my blog through Bloglovin' if you haven't already. Thanks! 


  1. ah, yes, i am pretty sure my manager was the worst person to ever exist. literally so many people quit because of her.
    it's a bummer. i would have loved to bring home pastries and stuff. lucky you! and lucky your sister! also i can't get over your photography... so there's that. literally you take such amazing portraits. i wish i was a great as you were! come take my engagements. lolz.
    n.e.ways. thank you for getting bloglovin. making life easier!


  2. ha this pic is perfect for this post! I love the look on your face! :) I transferred my gfc over so I should be following you on bloglovin now :)

  3. June 28 lol. And it's

  4. I'm still so sad that Google Reader is disappearing! What were they thinking?!? You are adorable girl, love your site :)
    xo TJ


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