Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blossoming Spring

So basically, today was gorgeous. These pink trees are blossoming all around town. I've noticed that they only stay pink for about two/three weeks at the beginning of spring, so I had to take action and snap some photos before they disappear. Anne actually helped me take these. I think taking photos with her is my new favorite hobby. 
(This entire outfit is thrifted!) 
I'll be sad to see these pink trees go. I'll be even more sad once the temperature begins to rise and being outside won't be as enjoyable as it was today. 

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  1. The photography in all of these is just gorgeous. Teach me your ways. I wish I had an amazing thrift store around here!!!
    Also, no, I am no longer transferring schools, because it turns out the the bachelors of social work at the university of utah is like, insanely hard to get into. For example, you have to have all these service hours and take all these prerequisite courses, and then you can only apply and attend for fall and winter. Honestly, id rather just stay at byu and graduate sooner and then go to a masters program for social work; as opposed to switching schools and taking forever to get my bachelors. Lol. Anyways, that's that!

  2. I'm so jealous you guys have cherry blossoms already! they're late up here this year! :( i'm also crazy jealous of your photography skills (but what else is new?). I want to live in these photos.

  3. I thrifted a belt jussst like this the other day!

  4. I'm soo jealous that you live in a place that has cherry blossoms in full bloom! Cherry blossoms are my absolute favorite! Little known fact: I have a tattoo of a cherry blossom tree on my side.


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