Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thoughts on Santa

Do you have kids? Do they believe in Santa? When will you plan on telling your children the truth about Santa? Ryan and I were talking about the whole Santa situation during church today. See, I don't know if I could just lie to my kids about Santa Claus. I have known some kids that have cried when they found out there was no Santa Claus, like they felt that their parents had betrayed them. I had stopped believing in Santa by the second grade. No one "told me", I just figured that the idea of Santa was super impractical and duh, all the movies and TV kinda gave it away. But I know this isn't the case for some kids. 

Okay, I don't look down on parents for letting their children believe in Santa. That would be ridiculous. I just don't know how I'll respond if my child asks if Santa is real or not. Ryan thinks it wouldn't be terrible if we were straight up honest with our future kids about Santa, but will Christmas lose its magic if we decide to be honest? 

So I realize that all these thoughts may be kind of silly, but I want some other opinions!  How did you find out about Santa? Was it tragic? Do you think you would have had a sad childhood without believing in Santa? Or maybe you don't even celebrate Christmas! 

Anyway, I hope you all have a splendid holiday. 
Merry Christmas in advance! And have happy and safe travels! I'll be heading up to Albuquerque tomorrow morning :) 

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  1. Well, first of all I love your outfit!

    On the subject of Santa, I never believed in Santa, and as a kid I was completely horrified that my friend's parents were lying to them. I was definitely that kid who went and told other kids the truth. If/when I have kids, I don't think I will tell them Santa is real, but I will tell them that other people like to pretend he is and we shouldn't ruin it for them!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. So a while back I found this thing on Pinterest where this lady's 2nd grader started to figure out and finally wrote her a note in her lunch box along the lines of "Mom, I really need to know the truth" and the Mom wrote back something along the lines of how Santa technically isn't a real person, but the whole joy and excitement of Christmas and having that Christmassy Cheer. And how one person along can't do the job, so it comes down to the parents to create that Christmas wonder for their kids, and as we come to know of the secret, we become helpers too. Her letter was much better than my horrible paraphrasing.....

  3. I was super scandalized and upset when I found out about Santa. I thought the whole thing was suspicious and confronted my mom and she folded and told me the whole sordid story. I don't want to do the whole lie about Santa Claus thing, but I also don't want our kid to be the smart aleck telling all the other kids it's not real. It's a dilemma.

  4. I love reading your blog. You always have something positive to say. Beautiful post as always. :) Have a great new year! :) Dakota :)

  5. When I was little it was a sad day finding out that Santa wasn't real.. But it didn't lose it's magic because I still got a ton of presents and ultimately that's all that matters (as a kid anyway)... I think the higher you build up the idea of Santa, the harder the fall... My parents didn't make elaborate schemes with writing letters or making cookies for it wasn't too bad... Some people are too elaborate and it makes you wonder if deep down they feel guilty...I would! I can't lie to a child.. I simply can't. I try not to lie to adults either... (unless it's my boss and I need a sick day)lol...But if I celebrated Christmas still, I would not do the Santa thing...I just couldn't. And don't let people make you feel like less of a person/parent if you decide to NOT do the Santa thing...Cause I've seen that happen too..

    Janette Lane Blog

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  6. Ooo! Thanks for the heads up on the eisley album! These photos of you and your hubby are super cute! I love your bow!
    I'm not sure how id respond to my future kids if they ever asked either. It would be a hard situation for sure. I'll definitely do the Santa thing though. It makes Christmas so magical as a kid. I found out I think later than most but it wasn't tragic, I'd known it for a while but just didn't want to believe it wasn't real.

  7. I found out because my grandfather played santa at my school when I was in kindergarten and I recognized his shoes haha. I actually kind of ruined it for all the kids in my class I'm afraid! I don't think it has ever downgraded christmas for me. I'm actually just now getting more and more excited about it. I'm pretty sure I'll be going all out next year!

  8. First of all you are adorable and I love your style! I'm gladly following you on GFC now. I too believed that I wanted to be honest with my children about Santa - it just seemed so unfair to me to "make" them believe in a mythical character only to be let down one day. I clearly remember the day I found out and saying "well I guess that there is no magic in the air." I think that I was ready to know and it wasn't too much of a travesty.
    I'm now a mother of two and my children (newly 5 and 2.5) wholeheartedly believe in Santa, as do all of their little friends. It feels magical to have them believe for now.


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