Sunday, December 2, 2012

Awful / Awesome

Last week. Oh, last week.... 
I'm a little frustrated with this past week. 

-I did not attend my institute class
-I had terrible dreams about being fired from my job. They made me feel a little worthless.
-I gave myself a "personal day" and ignored all of my many responsibilities. It did more harm than good... I was an emotional wreck.
-The car got a flat tire. It actually looks like someone slashed it??
-The holiday shake at Sonic ain't that great... 
-I had a crazy fun birthday! 
-I held the cutest, sleepy puppy. 
-The weather. Well, I'm actually a little torn on the weather. We're still in the 70s and it will continue this way for this week as well. Definitely not as cold as last year. So yeah, I don't know how to feel about it. 
-This dress: 
dress: custom made for sister's wedding, cardigan & tights: Target, shoes: thrifted, necklace: F21

Here's to this week! I have no choice but to be productive, with final projects, a paper, and an exam to worry about. Winter break is just around the corner.... 


  1. Happy belated birthday girl! It's the worst havin to miss institute!

  2. aww the picture of you twirling. <3

  3. aww the first half of that week sounded absolutely awful :( but at least your birthday was super fun! there's always something good to cling too ;)

  4. awh, this outfit is so cute! i adore the white dress. and happy late birthday!

    lindsey louise

  5. You look absolutely adorable (: Sounds like overall you had a great week awful things aside (;

    Dearest Lou

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  7. sorry to hear your personal day didn't go so well! i hope you are having a better week!

    Ok and I totally fixed your header and then started reading your blog and wrote a comment as you on your blog, and then realized i was still logged in, so sorry! i deleted it!

  8. Happy belated birthday! Cheer up because you are truly the cutest :)

    xo Ashley

  9. This dress is gorgeous! I love the cute glasses necklace too. I hate those dreams about being fired! Or being late...i always have those. Glad you had a good birthday though! Its been pretty cold here lately but no snow, which don't get me wrong is awesome!

  10. So cute love the glasses necklace :)

  11. I'm glad you had lots of awesome to make up for that awful!


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