Monday, December 17, 2012

Final Projects + I'm on Break!

I'd like to share my final large format photography project with you all... because, really, I am quite proud of it :) I made a photo album of some important people in my life. 

I had a conversation with one of my fellow photo students a few weeks ago. I was kind of complaining to her that most of the time I could care less about the concept behind my photos, and I just want to create flattering portraits. As an art student, I found that you are looked down on if you don't have a kick-butt concept to back up your photos/artwork. In some ways I agree that concept is important, but sometimes I don't think it should matter. Especially with portraits. Anyway, the conversation I had with my friend (I think it's safe to call her that) resulted in this: I should just focus on what I'm passionate about, which is portraiture, because that's what I'll ultimately be doing as a career once I graduate. It's MY education, after all. 

So I'm excited for what this next semester brings! I'll be taking a photography workshop class in which I personally will be focusing on portraiture and lighting. 

Here are my favorite photos from the album: 

Ryan's photo turned out really blurry :/ But it was okay. 
All photos were shot with a large format camera and developed in a darkroom, a place I have learned to love. 

And now my final for drawing workshop: screen prints. 

For this final project, we had to choose a previous project we did for that class and improve it. These screen prints are "ads" for an "all natural gas mask." We had to create an object that would be used in a future society. If you couldn't tell, mine is commenting on how ridiculous some "go green!" products are packaged and advertised.  

So now I'm on winter break. I've been feeling REALLY lazy, but now that the weekend is over, I'm a little more determined to get stuff done! Cleaning this apartment, getting some laundry done, and shopping for some things to make gifts are on the agenda today. 
Only eight days until Christmas?? 


  1. nice shots! My favorite is the second one head on with the girl by the garage. :)

    The House of Shoes

  2. Beautiful photos :)

    would you like to follow each other?

  3. i totally understand your complaints/worries about "concept." i'm a photographer now, but i went to college for film/video, and having a strong concept was definitely a huge part of my education. i was like "sometimes i just want to tell a simple story or make a pretty movie" but that was definitely looked down upon. ultimately, i just did my thing and made a final thesis film that i'm super proud of (it does have a concept, but it isn't experimental or crazy like some of my classmates's projects) and now i'm working making the kind of art i want to make.

    i really like the photographs you shared! i think "people i care about" is a strong enough concept to hold the work together as a series!

  4. I love that first photo! You should definitely focus on portraits because you're so good at them!! I love the screen print too, such a cool idea and you're great at drawing too! Wow.

  5. ah the days of preparing a portfolio-- kind of makes me miss school, and art. but mostly art, not school.

    These are stunning. LOVE the first one.

    Hope your semester went well Beverly!


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