Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Shins and Life Lately

I had the opportunity to attend The Shins' concert in Albuquerque last week with Holly. It. was. awesome. James Mercer's voice is flawless. And I danced a LOT. I also noticed that there were a lot of...older... people there. Like, middle aged. I guess The Shins appeal to all ages! I stood next to a man with a rockin' beard and long gray ponytail. He danced to a few songs too. I hope I'll still want to go to concerts at that age. 

In other news:
a.  I missed the Balloon Fiesta, but it's alright because I heard it was too windy for the balloons to lift off the ground on Saturday. 
b. My truck broke down, we got it fixed, and then it broke down again. I'm walking to school tomorrow morning. 
c. My latest art history paper was a complete failure. Good thing I can choose a paper to rewrite before the semester ends! 
d. Ryan and I had a serious talk about money last night. Budgeting is scary. 
e. I love Ryan because he's a reasonable guy that thinks about budgeting. 

I'll try to post an outfit this week. It's FINALLY starting to cool down a teensy bit. I've been waiting patiently for fall.... Anyway, I'm excited for autumn clothes. 


  1. the shins?! ah you always go to awesome concerts! I love the tees you picked up for you and Ryan!

    and dang about your truck--- I swear, car problems are the worst. at least you are within walking distance, and have good weather, only cooling off a teensy bit! Hey that's one step closer to FALL!

    1. Oh man, my walk to school was alright at 60 degrees, but the walk home at 85 was not so great, haha. Could be worse, could be worse.

      Yeah! I felt super grateful to Holly for inviting me. She and her husband were supposed to go, but he had something for school or work and couldn't make it. So we had fun girl time :)

  2. Love the Shins...lucky girl!

  3. Hey, love the new header!!


  4. Ugh I hate budgeting. But im glad my hubby is so practical and thinks about those things too cuz I tend not to. I'm so jealous you got to see the shins! I love them. You have such good taste in music!


  5. yay for The Shins!!! I think I was just listening to them last night....

    And budgeting is scary, and stressful, and sometimes depressing, but I found that once you get used to it and especially if you are both on the same page about it - it makes for a much more peaceful home life. Plus, if you have less money to spend, you only buy the stuff you really want/need and your house has a lot less clutter :)


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