Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Favorite Halloween Movies

A lot of people love to watch horror films during the Halloween season. NOT ME. I am a wuss. I hate being scared! I watched The Ring as a preteen and that was enough horror for a lifetime, thanks. If you're like me, then please enjoy this list of not so scary movies to get into the Halloween spirit.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
DUH. If you know me, this movie has been pretty high on my list since I was like, 7. I literally can't shut up when it's on because I sing every word. This is a good one for Halloween or Christmas, two of the best holidays! One of my goals in life is to visit Disneyland in October to finally see the Haunted Mansion converted to all things Halloweentown/Christmas Land.

2. Hocus Pocus
Another given. What is it that we love about this movie? The musical number at the "grown-ups'" dance party? The beautiful location of the film? The hilarity of the sisters? A cute cat that talks? Those two stupid bully kids? The tear jerking ending? 

3. Casper
The 90s really outdid themselves with all these awesome Halloween films. 

4. Harry Potter 
Any of the Harry Potter films are acceptable to watch in October, but the first one may be the only one with the actual holiday portrayed, I think? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

5. Practical Magic
Oh look, another great movie from the 90s. It's got young and gorgeous Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. It's got tragedy and romance and humor. Most importantly, it's got magic and witches! My favorite scene is when they make midnight margaritas. My second favorite scene is the the PTA meeting. This one's on Netflix! Get at it!

6. Coraline
Stop motion animation is so magical! This movie has some spooky and eerie elements, perfect for Halloween. The gloomy weather surrounding the film also helps. 

7. The Addams Family
This movie is just hilarious! So is the second one. We can all learn a thing or two about passion from Gomez and Morticia. This one's also on Netflix! 

8. Edward Scissorhands 
You can argue that this might be more of a Christmas movie- the beginning and end scenes of the movie happen on Christmas/Christmas Eve. But you just can't deny the creepiness. It is a Tim Burton film, after all. 

9. Corpse Bride 
While this movie is no where near as good as The Nightmare Before Christmas, it's still enjoyable to watch. Emily (the corpse bride) is a good mix of cute and creepy. Also on Netflix. 

10. Sweeney Todd 
Okay Okay, I said this list wouldn't contain any scary movies. Sorry! I don't know how scary this is, but it's pretty gory. I don't ever watch movies like this, but years ago when I was on a high school trip to New York, one of my classmates was a huge Johnny Depp fan. This was around the time the DVD came out so we all watched it on her laptop in the hotel room. Another classmate helped to make the movie less scary by making a huge fart noise whenever Sweeney Todd slit someone's throat. It really helped! Haha. Ever since, this movie hasn't been that scary for me. It's on my Netflix list right now and I plan to just fast forward through all the bloody scenes and replay the songs- the music is great! 

So there's my list of Halloweeny movies. Please tell me your faves! Are there any I'm missing out on? 


  1. YESSSS! I'm the same way. No horror for me, but give me all the hocus pocus!

  2. Hotel Transylvania is on my list this year, but I haven't actually seen it haha


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