Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Learning the Art of the Sugar Cookie

I remember the first time I saw the steps to decorating sugar cookies with royal icing on Pinterest and I thought, "How time consuming!!" And was immediately turned off. Then last year a friend on Instagram started posting perfect sugar cookies that she decorated and I was pulled into the world of beautiful cookies. And then I heard about Alison's Cookie Party . I wanted to buy the course, but I wasn't sure if it would be worth it. A year later, and I finally justified buying this course! I just want to talk about what to prepare yourself for if you're thinking about making some delicious, pretty cookies, too. 

1. There is a pretty long list of supplies that you will need to buy. Be prepared to spend some moola. 

2. If you're a mom (especially if you have small children that want to touch or eat your cookies) or have a full-time job, prepare 2-3 days to make these! There are a lot of steps for baking them and they need to be completely cool before your start decorating them. And decorating them is, like I've mentioned before, very time consuming! I only worked on these cookies while Gwen was asleep, and she doesn't really nap anymore, so I stayed up pretty late. 

3. Be patient. 

4. The royal icing tastes gross before it dries! I was really worried that the weird taste would overpower the delicious cookies, but it doesn't! It tastes a lot better once it's dried, and the cookie taste shines through. 

 5. Watch all the videos completely through before you start! I watched all the videos soon after I bought it, then read through the recipes and instructions, and then watched the videos again while I was making the cookies. So helpful.

These cookies are fun to make! I'm glad that I made this purchase and I'm excited to get better at decorating with royal icing.

All photos in this post are by the lovely Lydia of Photography Hill. 


  1. Where did you get that gold skeleton? I have gone to every Michaels and hobby Lobby in the valley trying to find them!

  2. I got a pack of little skeletons and painted them bronze and gold. 👍


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