Saturday, March 12, 2016

Exercise? Diet??

The horror!

Yup. I'm taking part in a "10 Day Tune Up" challenge. It's actually almost over, but I've been slow about getting these videos edited and posted. I am definitely not the type of person to do this type of thing, but I felt compelled when my friend added me to her Facebook group. Thanks, Mae! Here are the first two days of the challenge!


  1. Whoo, hoo! Best of luck with your challenge + all your food looks super yummy! My husband & I are eating clean at the moment and avoiding gluten, sugar and diary. It's made such a difference for how we feel! xo

    By The Shore

  2. love these! i love seeing what healthy things people eat haha

  3. Haha I loled when you started singing "Hellooooo" because that's exactly what I was doing in my head. Anyway food/diet stuff is hard. I feel ya girl.


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