Friday, February 19, 2016

My Valentines

Above photos by Photography Hill, edits by me. 

It's fun when Valentine's Day lands on a Sunday because then the whole weekend feels like Valentine's Day. I think I've mentioned before how I love Valentine's Day. I think the whole month should be pink and red. Instead, people have moved on to St. Patrick's Day, which is my least favorite holiday. Boo. But it's fine because not too long afterward, there's Easter! Which may be my favorite holiday. 

Ryan and I went on our Valentine's date on Saturday. We ate at an Asian seafood buffet (sushiiiiii) and went to the roller rink afterward! Rollerblading together brought back memories of when we first started dating. We both worked at Sonic as carhops and that's where we actually started talking. Before Ryan was hired, we were just a couple of acquaintances at church. It was so much fun. Except for the part where I ran into the wall and fell. Ha! I kinda forgot how to stop. But I made a speedy recovery and the rest of the night was definitely worth that embarrassing fall. 

Sunday was alright. I loved seeing everyone's Valentine themed outfits at church. I haven't mentioned this on the blog yet, but Gwen has been going to Nursery at church! The nursery is for babies 18 months to 3 years, and Gwen is only 17 months, but they kindly accepted her to join! Ryan and I are both teaching a Primary class and she has been a big distraction to all the kids there, so having her in Nursery is a life saver. It's so fun to see her interact with the other babies. When walking past the room I can't help but to look through the little window in the door to see what she's up to. 

After church, Gwen was in need of a nap, as per usual. She was hungry and cranky, but I really wanted to take some photos with her. I tried to get Ryan to help me, but he was getting frustrated with Gwen. (He needed a nap too LOL.) Her tights were all wonky so he was trying to fix them for the photos. No luck. We argued for a bit and then I didn't feel like taking photos anymore after the whole ordeal. I took off my shoes, undid my hair, and stormed off to the kitchen to angrily wash the dishes. I heard the door open and close while I had the water running. I looked out the window to see Ryan with my camera around his neck, carrying Gwen. He was taking her photos for me! It was the sweetest little gesture. Here are the results-

When he came back inside we just smiled at each other, hugged, and said our "sorries."
Ryan, you my 5-ever Valentine, boo. 


  1. I've always loved how much you love valentines day! Being your friend made me like the holiday more haha! That was a pretty sweet story about Ryan taking the photos! Ahh we totally have days like that too, where everyone needs naps lol. But that was a sweet ending! :)


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