Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The babies in the pool go splash, splash, splash

Gwen finished up her first swim classes last week and she got a little certificate congratulating her on her new "skills": kicking, splashing, spitting out water (she never understood the blowing bubbles bit), and going under water for a couple of seconds. I hoped to enroll her in some real swimming classes, but I think they're very expensive! Maybe I'll look into that next summer. These classes were still fun! It felt silly singing all the baby songs during the first lesson, but I think Gwen was able to recognize the songs and motions by the end because I saw her smiling during it, so that made it seem less silly. Or maybe she was just in a good mood that day. I'd like to think that she recognized the songs :)

p.s. After class had already ended, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across an adorable baby photo that @freshlypicked reposted from another account. I thought to myself, "This baby looks a LOT like Nell from Gwen's swim class." So I followed the source's link, and sure enough, I was correct! I didn't even realize that I already follow @laurenbowyer, and we were in the same swim class for two weeks! I had only been following Lauren's account for about a month- when I first made my second insta account- so that's my excuse for not recognizing her :)
Let me tell you, that baby of hers is just as cute as all of her photos imply. And those lashes! 

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