Sunday, March 8, 2015

One Half of a Year

Gwennie girl is 6 months old. Holy smokes.
We have been giving her tastes of food here and there, but she's still nursing like a champ. I want to feed her more solids, but I don't want her to get an upset stomach or the runs. We'll get there... slowly. She loves grabbing anything from my hands and puts everything into her mouth now. Sitting up on her own is still a challenge. We are trying to teach her to wave. I have finally got a hold of the whole bedtime thing (for now). She usually sleeps at 7 or 8pm each night which gives us a few hours of "freedom" before heading to bed ourselves. I'm not sure why I didn't try putting her to sleep this early months ago. #newmomnaivety
I didn't take any photos with my DSLR for this month because I booked a photo shoot for this Tuesday! I'm pretty excited to have Chrissy as our photographer.


  1. Adorable :)

  2. cute cute shoes! also, ikea bed? we have the same one haha.


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