Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bumpdate: week 33

(My face when I realize that we'll have the baby next month...^)
How far along are you? 33 weeks  
Stretch Marks? None on the belly. 
Sleep: Decent. 
Best moments: Mattress shopping! We're finally upgrading from a full to a queen. Whoa. 
Missing Anything? My bod. 
Movement? Yes. It's funny to watch my belly expand in certain spots when baby stretches.
Food Cravings: Cheesecake and pie. 
Symptoms: All the usual discomforts. 
Belly Button in or Out? Out. 
Happy or Moody? Happy. 
Looking Forward to: Shopping for a bed frame, new sheets, and a comforter. And maybe a bassinet and a rocking chair/glider? Moms!: any suggestions on where to get a good glider? We're also thinking about getting a recliner instead. Any thoughts? Where do/did you like to nurse your baby? (Please leave a comment if you have answers for me.) 
I bought this dress yesterday and thought it was the most perfect thing. I thought, "I can even wear this after the pregnancy!" And then I realized that my wardrobe is going to change again in order to accommodate for breast feeding. Yay. So I'll probably wear this dress as often as I can before baby arrives. I'm getting more anxious about her arrival. What the heck is she gonna look like?? Ryan and I look so different. 

Today in Relief Society we talked about "barriers" that we think set us apart from other women in our church. The lesson was about unity within the RS and how important it is that we realize that there shouldn't be these barriers between the younger women, the older women, the mothers, the single mothers, the newly weds, the unmarried, etc etc. You have no idea how much I needed this lesson. Ever since we moved into a new ward I kind of struggled to make friends. It was easy making friends with a fellow pregnant gal, 'cause hello. But I felt like I couldn't make friends with any other girls my age if they haven't experienced what I'm going through. See, I feel like all I talk about is being pregnant and I don't want to bore/annoy anyone that hasn't been pregnant or doesn't even want to think about being pregnant themselves. You know? I feel like that has definitely been this imaginary barrier that I thought up- I don't know that that's what these other girls are thinking about me. And I'm not sure if all I do talk about is this pregnancy. (It just seems like it.) 
It was a great lesson about unity, and acceptance, and remembering not to judge a book by its  cover. And after the lesson I felt like it was much easier to talk to a newlywed girl sitting next to me. Win. 


  1. I feel you on those church barriers. I live in a ward with a lot of older women and I'm in primary, so it's like I don't get to socialize with anyone. I need to be better about actually talking to the women in my ward and not making excuses.

  2. yay unity. yay new beds. i wish i had advice for you, but alas i do not. best of luck! your babe is going to be supa cute!
    the little diary

  3. What a beautiful pregnant mama! And thanks for sharing what you learned at church, it is so true! And girl, where do you live, I will totally hang out with you! Also, I wore whatever I wanted while breastfeeding and made it work, not the other way around. I figured it was too big of a hassle to limit my wardrobe so much and I got stressed deciding what to wear that was breastfeeding friendly. :)

  4. My best friend at church is my mom's age and I'm barely starting to get to know the other young moms. It helps me keep perspective and talk about things besides baby poop and breast feeding :-)
    As for a chair, I would have been lost without my lay z boy rocking recliner. In the beginning, I almost lived in that thing and with having my feet propped up and the arm rests, he was still safe when I fell asleep during middle of the night feedings. Now that he's older, it's a lot easier to feed him wherever I can sit down. Whatever you get, make sure it is easy to clean because it will get puked on eventually :-)


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