Friday, August 22, 2014

Around Here

Look! A blog post that isn't a "bumpdate!" I've found it impossible for me to blog about nothing but my current life experiences, and right now that experience is being pregnant. So deal with it *z-snaps in your face*. I honestly don't know if I've lost or gained readers since I've announced my pregnancy. But anyway here are some books I've been reading. Husband Coached Childbirth is the book we use for Bradley class. Is anyone interested in hearing more about Bradley?? I feel like I'm super annoying by mentioning class all the time. But hey, I've become pretty passionate about natural childbirth, and I believe every woman should be more educated about the subject! 
This book is fiction. The stories in here are nothing short of bizarre. Often times after reading one I think to myself "WTF did I just read." But the next day I remember the more endearing parts of the story. They are sad and happy and depressing and lovely stories. 
We are in a one bedroom apartment so I have not had the pleasure of decorating a nursery. Boohoo. This little setup is actually in our living room because our room is really that small. We'll have to move to a two bedroom apartment once the baby is too big to sleep with us/in a bassinet. This is why I haven't gotten too involved with decorating the walls. 
This is my life now. That list is intimidating to me, too. Preparing my body for labor.... 
I've had to channel all my nesting energy into this scrapbook since I don't have a nursery to prepare. I like how it's turning out! I'm so glad that I decided to take weekly photos. Although, I feel a little guilty not knowing if I'll make something like this for baby #2 and so on. Life will be much busier the second time around. These are my favorite pages- 


  1. cute! i love that little sock monkey and your scrapbooking skills are A+
    the little diary

  2. I want to know more about Bradley class *girl raising hand emoji*, I am goin to natural route (water birth) I am still early in my pregnancy so I'd love to hear about some classes I should look into when the time comes!
    We live in a one room apartment too, so we'll be a family of 3 in a 1 one place... good idea with putting all the nursery energy into a scrapbook! I am dying to decorate too!

  3. "A Guide to Being Born" has an awesome cover! P.S. Your scrapbooking skills are off the hook! haha

  4. So fun!!! I need to get me some washi tape.


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