Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bumpdate: week 29

How far along are you? 29 weeks  
Maternity Clothes? Yup, mostly.
Stretch Marks? They seem to be everywhere but my belly. 
Sleep: Decent this week. As soon as Ryan leaves for work, I stretch out and sleep for a few more hours. 
Best moments: My shower!! And seeing my people in New Mexico. And taking these maternity photos with my sister. (More to come, soon!) 
Missing anything? Rolling up into a ball while laying in bed. 
Movement? Tiny dancer. 
Food Cravings: Everything. 
Symptoms: A little swollen, heartburn, backaches, the usual. 
Belly Button in or Out? Out. 
Happy or Moody? Moooooooodddddyyyyy. In my defense, it was kind of an awful week, until Thursday. This week is going to be so much better. 
Looking Forward to: Shopping for much needed items. 

I am in love with these photos and I'm excited to share more once I receive them all. I'm excited to share the photos from my shower as well! It was a busy busy weekend. Not too relaxing, but worth it. 

Photos courtesy of Ashley Rose Hamilton Photography 


  1. i love these!!! your little babe is going to be the cutest.

  2. Oh im sorry to hear your week wasn't that great! Hope you're feeling better now

    p.s. these photos are amazing. Where were they taken?

    1. These are taken in White Sands National Park in southern New Mexico! Maybe my favorite location for photos.

  3. These photos are stunning. Beautiful lady and a beautiful backdrop. What more could you want?


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