Monday, May 26, 2014


A bunch of phone pictures!
1. From my mom's graduation (I actually stole this one from my sister). 2. On Mother's Day we went to pay a visit to my brother's grave. He lived for 5 months and would be 29 years old if he were still with us. 3. We were treated to dinner in honor of Ryan's graduation! 4. Breakfast for a couple of sick people. 5. We took a trip to Arizona to look for an apartment and check out the area. Chandler has a lot of flowers, which is nice. 6-8. The Gilbert, AZ temple. I didn't realize how LARGE it is! My heart was pounding as we drove up to it. It's the most beautiful building I've ever been in. Palace status. I'm so happy that we will live so close to it. 9. After our session in the temple we went to eat at Kneader's Bakery and Cafe. Yum! 10. Hotel selfie: ready to look for an apartment. We may have found a place to live! Cross your fingers that we get it! 11. We got back into town just in time for my last shift. It was really nice to have a job again, if only for 3 months. 12. After work I was on the road again to Thatcher, AZ for a wedding. 13. Made it to my destination and had to get a hotel...alone. First time! I accidentally rented a suite for the night. Whoops. #treatyoself 14. Snapped this while the bride was getting ready. 15. The Gila Valley temple, where the couple was married. Two temple visits in one week was awesome. 16. Friends. 17-18. At one of the gift shops on our drive home. Melissa and Colin (peeps in 16) drove back home with me. 19. Wedding decor. 20. Can you see the bee in this photo?

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