Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gender Reveal

We found out today that we're having a little girl! Honestly, I'm still letting that information sink in. I hate to admit that I had a preference, but we were hoping for a boy. Does that make me a terrible person? Once we got home and reconsidered baby names, I started to get excited. It looks like we're keeping up the tradition amongst Ryan's siblings of having a girl as our first baby. Plus, a couple of my friends have baby girls, so automatic baby friends, right? I'm sure once I look through baby girl clothes on Pinterest I'll become even more excited :) 


  1. I guessed it! woohoo! I am actually beyond excited. I don't even really know you two but I am in love with everything you both represent. This little girl is going to be brought into such a loving family. I am so happy for her and happy for you.

    Yay for baby girls :-)

  2. this ice cream thing really is the cutest idea ever.
    you will have so much fun having a little girl!
    my niece is so fun and we do our nails and hair :) girl stuff for the win!
    congrats again!

  3. Haha, how cute! Congratulations! Cute nails, btw.

  4. Oh how exciting, Beverly! She is going to be the most beautiful, loved, and cherished baby girl!


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