Monday, December 16, 2013

I've Graduated!

Wow wow wooooowww!!!
Let's start off with these photos from my senior art show.
I photographed my family for my last photo project. 
The other side of my photos are these awesome charcoal drawings by Cynthia Gutierrez. 
More of my work! From my alternative process photography class: salt prints. I used appropriated images from my dad's old photo album. The big one in the middle is actually a screen print. 
And this was my favorite corner of the gallery. It's a collaboration between Beverly Davis and her daughters. So cute! And I loved the interactive aspect of it also. 
After the exhibition we went to eat at Genghis Grill with Ryan's family. 
And in the morning I graduated! 
And then partied with friends. 

So now what will I do? 
Well, I took this day to clean my neglected apartment and do lots of laundry. I'm photographing a wedding this weekend! And next week is Christmas. I suppose finding a job will have to wait until the holidays are over *wink* 


  1. cutest camera bag! congrats on the graduation! yayyyyyyy

  2. congrats on graduating! what a lovely senior art show, your photos are stunning and your family is beautiful! your blog is adorable, i am so happy i stumbled across it. Anddd I am your newest follower! hey-o! hope you can swing by mine sometime!

    xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

  3. Congratulations :) just come across your blog, soo lovely xx

  4. that show looks amazing! congratulations!! :)


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