Monday, October 28, 2013

Help a Brotha Out!

Are you a mother? Please fill out my survey!! I'm making an infographic for my graphic design class based on the responses, so I need a lot! It's a bizarre/fun survey that doesn't require any personal information. It would be awesome if you passed it along as well :)

click it! ---> Mothers vs. Donuts

Thanks so much <3


  1. I wish I was a mother so I could help a brotha out.
    Favorite saying, btw. Me and Jake use it all the time.
    Good to know we are not alone :).
    I'll link it on my Facebook though.

  2. If I was a mother I would totally help ya out - I read the survey anyway and it made me chuckle ;)

  3. Sorry I'm not a mother :(. Thanks so much for your comment girl, that means a lot. It's friends like you that keep me going. xoxo


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