Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Gift Exchange!

I participated in a Valentine gift exchange and was paired up with Caitlyn, blogger of Most Adoringly
And me oh my, do I adore her! 

 I decided to make a video while I opened the package she sent me, to make it genuine, ya know? (I like to see other's reactions when I give a gift, so...) This is only the second video I've posted here on the blog and for some reason the audio is WAY off! About two seconds off. (Maybe because I was playing music on my laptop at the same time?) It's pretty annoying, but hey, if you ever wondered what my voice sounds like, well, here it is! 
Caitlyn later told me that she made the headband and necklace herself. Awesome! I'm wearing the necklace right now, actually :) I think it will become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. 

I was glad that Caitlyn and I got matched together because we ended up having so much in common! We're both art students, photographers, and enjoy thrifting. She is such a creative soul! It's nice to meet a fellow art student who can relate to all the craziness of art classes. Amirite? 
Be sure to visit Caitlyn's blog to see the Valentine gifts I sent her! 


  1. haha idk which is more adorable, that video or the gifts!

  2. sorry I was such a through wrapper. I didn't want the glass in the frame to break! haha, but it was fun watching you pen it. Vlogging was a good idea ;)

  3. Oh so cute! I love that little note on the package, too! And that you did a vlog! I love the red headband on you. This was such a fun swap!


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