Monday, February 20, 2012

Printmaking Conference

Been a little MIA considering this blog. I forgot to mention that I was going on a class trip to Las Vegas, New Mexico this past weekend. It's a small town north of Albuquerque that has no resemblance to Las Vegas, Nevada. Anyway, I learned a lot this weekend, and it really opened my eyes to everything that printmaking has to offer. 

Here we all are! We were able to stay at some dorms on the New Mexico Highlands University campus. 

We went to one of the printmaking teacher's house for a potluck and I looked at all his funny knick-knacks. 

I spy with my little eye.... a Book of Mormon. I didn't notice it there until after I took the photo. I didn't ask if he was a member... I think it would have been weird. 
Angry lamb. 

New, thrifted dress :)

Some Cows.

My teacher. 

This print matched my outfit :)

I love the colors. 

Santana and Anne. 

We went to a hot spring. It was my first time. 

It was a great trip and I made new friends, but I'm pretty glad to be home. I missed the husband. 
There are a few more photos of an antique shop we visited, but I'll post those later. 

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