Monday, February 6, 2012

Embarrassing and Not So Embarrassing

The most awful thing happened while I was taking these outfit photos yesterday, something that I've been dreading... Someone saw me. See, I was fixing up my tripod after already taking a few photos and then when I stood in front to face the camera I looked to my left and locked eyes with a complete stranger. I stood there for a few seconds, speechless. How long had he been there? What am I supposed to say now? As you can see below, my camera captured the moment that I awkwardly waved to said stranger. He asked if I needed any help. I replied, "No, I'm fine." Some more silence... and then he walked away.
And because I set my camera to take finve photos in a row, it captured the face I made as he was walking away. I should have known this day would come. I always check to see if "the coast is clear" before going outside to take pictures, but there's no telling who'll pop up once I'm already outside. I just get embarrassed. I even get embarrassed when someone is looking over my shoulder as I blog or is looking at it on their own computer while I'm in the room. It's strange that I feel that way because I do want this blog to be read... just without me around... 
Another embarrassing thing happened yesterday at church. As we were walking into sacrament meeting, looking for a place to sit (we were a little late), my heel slipped out of my shoe and made me go all wobbly and trippy and I almost fell. It was during the opening hymn, so hopefully everyone was looking at the words in the hymn books. If anyone did see me stumble, I'm afraid that they thought, "Oh, look at that little girl, trying to be so grown up in high heels that are too big for her. Maybe next year, dearie." I have pretty small feet, okay? It's really hard to find shoes unless I go to Payless or the kids' section at Target (they've got pretty cute flats), and high heels never want to cooperate. 
Curse these "dainty" feet. 
Something not so embarrassing happened yesterday as well, thank the heavens! I teach the Young Women (girls from age 12-18) and one of them said, "You look like that girl from Glee. The short one." Rachel Berry? "Yeah, she's my favorite character." Me too :) I've been told I look like her once before, and I take it as the utmost compliment. I don't really see the resemblance, but I'll take it! I just think she's pretty :) I think it must be my bangs. I got my hair cut last week, I don't know if you can tell from these pictures. 
coat: Marshall's
skirt: thrifted
tights: gift
heels: Payless 


  1. LOVE this outfit! The best photo's are the candid photo's... Might I also say that your pictures are getting so gooood!

  2. I absolutely know how awkward that is! You look adorable though!

  3. How funny! That is like the exact thing I dread the most!
    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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